How Much Will My Office Fit Out Cost?

How Much Will My Office Fit Out Cost?

We often get asked “how much will my new office fit out cost” and the truthful answer is; it depends.

There are a lot of cost calculators out there on our competitors websites but we feel they are too generic and therefore inaccurate for us to use. Building a new office for your business is completely customisable and is going to be unique to your business and the way your team uses your office, what equipment you require to operate and what style or level of finish you are after. Let’s jump into a breakdown of what can blow the budget and what areas won’t.

For those of you who are only after a rough guide and aren’t interested in reading this article the table below is for you.

Style of Office Cost per m2
Open Plan $500 – $750
Budget Finish $700 – $950
Luxurious Finish $1000 +

Now for those of you interested in finding out where to hold back and where to splash out, let’s dive a little deeper.


As simple as it sounds, the more open space, the cheaper it’s going to be. Closed off private offices have become less common these days, some firms are instead opting for more open space and adding smaller general meeting rooms for times when you need a private conversation. This dramatically reduces the budget as it dramatically reduces the amount of first fix building works required.

Tip: Find a balance between open plan and private space to meet your needs and help your budget.


Natural light breathes life into offices. If you plan on erecting closed off rooms, consider putting glazed partitions in idyllic places to maximise the natural light throughout the office.

Glazed partitions definitely add a level of high-end finish but can be pricey. If the budget is tightening, you can look at putting half height glazed partitions in which will reduce the cost but still get light into the internal spaces.

What can you KEEP?

On occasion it may be possible to keep some of the last tenants’ fixtures and fittings. Lighting, partition walls, floor finishes etc. The more you keep the less you have to put back which in turn puts savings straight into your pocket.

Floor coverings

Keeping the floor simple will keep the price down but adding a splash of colour or higher end flooring in key areas will take your fit out to the next level. You can play around with feature carpet tiles  or timber flooring in areas like the conference room or break out space to give your project a wow factor that your employees and customers will both love.

Tip: keep the price low by using carpet tiles through most areas but give your fit out a wow factor by adding a feature floor to key areas such as the boardroom or breakout space.


Custom joinery is an expense that sneaks up on a lot of clients. The truth is, joinery can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. With so many different products and materials on the market the pricing really can fluctuate. The good news: we’re joinery experts! We truly believe joinery makes a space both functional and high end and therefore is an important part of the fit-out design.

If you’re looking to splash or save on your office joinery then we can help you out. 


Every person in your team will no doubt need access to a computer whilst in the office. An average set up per person is around $1500* + any specialist software that you require the user to have. A budgeting tip is to set up the network with capability to expand when required but only install the computers that you need at the time. That way the cash stays in your bank until you need to spend it on more IT hardware.

Where to splash out

If your budget is still got some fat and you want to make an impression with your new office here’s some areas you can take it to the next level.

Open Areas – by improving the open areas level of finish (i.e flooring, lighting, joinery etc) it gives the overall office a more luxurious vibe.

Boardroom – install feature wall panelling and lighting in the boardroom to make an impression to the clients you host.

Lighting upgrade the lighting through your office to create a real vibe in your office space.

Appliances – upgrade your appliances so that they not only look chic but also last longer and probably come with better warranties.

Planting – add planter boxes throughout the office to literally breathe more oxygen into the workplace. This is a proven way of increasing productivity and mental health in the office.

And there you have it, a simple guide to budgeting in the office. If you want more information on any of these items or any other items send us an email and we’ll be glad to help. In the meantime if you’re wanting to fit out an office and want us to help send us an enquiry or book a free strategy session and we’ll get to work.

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