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Croudace Constructs are proud to operate out of a workshop facility and office space located in Seaford, South Australia. One of Adelaide’s southern suburbs, Seaford is located just off the Southern Expressway exit and convenient for anyone coming from Adelaide or south of the city.

The workshop itself is around 600m2 of high roofed warehouse space and comprises a manufacturing facility and a finishing workshop. The finishing workshop contains a spray booth for inhouse 2pac and clear coating, giving us great overall control of projects from materials right through to the finished product going out.

Inside the main building is our office where the project team estimate, plan and deliver projects. We have a modern office and meeting room that our clients can visit and talk through concept designs and material selection, or we can coordinate and work together over online meetings.

The workshop itself holds some great modern equipment for computer aided manufacture of cabinets as well as woodworking machinery, essential for custom manufacture of solid timber products. This facility, along with our great network of material suppliers, allows us to create some fantastic and unique pieces of work.

Our people are what make our workshop tick and we are lucky to have some fantastic people in our corner. We have a team of great cabinet designers who are specialists in Auto-cad and the latest cabinetry software who can bring interior design from concept to reality. We also have a team of skilled tradesmen and apprentices who are great at what they do and love the challenging scope of work that comes through our workshop.

As well as our inhouse team we also work with local specialist manufacturers who compliment our business. Whether its custom-made brass furniture or a specific tinted glazing we are after for your project, we can lean on our local and reliable subcontractors to get the job done. This all gives us the capability to put out a variety of excellent work.

From volume residential joinery to large one-off unique feature pieces of work, from large runs of panelling or intricate computer cut lettering, our workshop has the equipment needed and the team to deliver.  

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