Miyuki Stirling

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Miyuki Stirling

Following the success of Yuki Burnside, repeat client Mike Segwan OH approached Croudace Constructs to Design and Construct his new restaurant venture on the main street of Stirling.

Refurbishment works on the old bank building presented the opportunity for coordination between Chappell Builders and Croudace Constructs.

Croudace were invited to attend site at various stages of the de-fit and extension of the existing building to ensure base build works were cohesive with the new restaurant design.

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Promoting a slightly different dining experience offered at the other Yuki locations the client’s vision for the space was something a little more rustic for casual brunch and family dining.

This was captured by utilising design elements of the original building, particularly where the old staircase was removed, highlighted by the articulation of the brickwork as well as the open ceiling, sprayed out to conceal services.  Unknowingly to Miyuki customers the space adjacent the new bar is the old bank safe repurposed for kitchen storage.

The new use of space required a full commercial kitchen design with open viewing window inviting customers to be a part of the ‘theatre of the kitchen’ from the open dining area defined by suspended feature metalwork overhead.

External façade works included the removal of cladding to expose the existing glass frontage cleverly utilise to display take away options and offer off street coffee service to enhance the experience of visitors to Stirling.

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