Westpac House

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Westpac House

Standing on the corner of King William Street and Currie Street in the heart of Adelaide’s bustling CBD, Westpac House rises 31 storeys to a height of 132 metres tall. Tall enough to claim the tallest building in Adelaide for 31 years from 1988 until 2019, Westpac House has a history in South Australia and is most definitely one of Adelaide’s greatest and most prestigious buildings. Originally known as the StateBank building when it opened, a big red W sits aloft the buildings summit now to declare to all who can see, this is Westpac House.

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Our client for this project, national builders FDC Building and Construction, approached us late into the project. They had started on site but were yet to allocate the feature joinery package. The scope of works involved impressive American Black Walnut panelling and custom made mouldings to clad the three sided, seven metre high lift tower inside what can only be described as one of the most beautiful building foyers in Australia. A seating area to one side of the lift tower would be filled with brass framed tubular joinery and more solid American Black Walnut furniture. Lastly six columns, over five meters in circumference and nearly four meters tall, needed to be wrapped in decorative Walnut battens.

A status job like this takes careful planning and consideration. But time was always a factor and had already started ticking away. The building was still going to be operational for the duration of the works so a staging plan had to be set and any noisy works had to be done out of normal business hours to limit the disruption caused to building tenants.

Finding the right contractors is essential when creating joinery of this calibre as not every fabricator is capable of producing brass joinery. A different method of welding was required and it goes without saying that it was essential that the finished product was unquestionably jaw dropping.

The sheer quantity of American Black Walnut was a major issue for the project’s success. Even one of the largest moulding manufacturers in Australia could not help with manufacturing this quantity of this hard to come by beautiful timber.

Luckily, Our clients were in safe hands. Our project managers worked with our expert workshop team and local specialist contractors to produce a really exquisite finished product.

To cause minimum disruption to building tenants we scheduled early morning and weekend shifts on site to get noisy works out of the way at the beginning of the three stage project. We worked with expert brass and complex metal fabricators to create the tubular brass joinery that project architects Studio Gram had designed.

Over 10 tonnes of American Black Walnut timber was brought in to our workshop in bulk shipments from Australian timber importers. We then machined the timber in house to size and custom designed a moulding that would be able to wrap around the large columns. Our skilled joiners machined up and fabricated truly amazing pieces of furniture and panelling and our dedicated site team installed all items in expert fashion.

The result is outstanding. A modern and prestigious feel has been encompassed over the foyer of this landmark building in Adelaide. A truly great interior renovation for a truly impressive space.

Croudace Constructs were engaged by FDC to complete the joinery and linings package for the Westpac House Lobby refurbishment. Croudace Constructs attention to detail and quality of install was evident throughout the construction process and resulted in a fantastic final product. The project and site team showed a great work ethic and high level of communication to deliver a staged project which included normal hours and out of hours works.
Gene Zalunardo, Project Manager, FDC Building
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