New Office Checklist

New Office Checklist

When moving office or setting up a new office consider first what the benefit of going the extra mile for your employees will have on productivity.

Employees who enjoy their work environment will be actively more engaged, happy at work and healthy too! A well designed and maintained office environment leads to staff taking less sick days, being more productive and keeps employees longer.

Many companies are neglecting the idea that an office space and the way it looks can directly impact the productivity of employees and also the engagement and retention of clients.

According to a Steelcase/IPSOS study only 11% of workers are satisfied with their current work environment, 50% of workers are not engaged with their jobs and 20% are actively disengaged!

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your next office.

What is my company’s mission and values?

Your office needs to be a representation of your brand. When clients and employees alike come into your office, they need to feel like they are part of your organisation and the new office needs to have a feel and aura that reflects your company’s brand image and the values of the company.

What do we do?

The exact nature of your business will determine where your new location should be. If your business is a heavy manufacturing business, you probably don’t want the office in the CBD. However, if you are an accountant and want to attract people who work in the city as clients, then you need to bear that in mind when selecting a new office.

What are the positives and negatives of the existing office?

Look around your existing office and think about what you currently have that does not serve you any longer. Write a list of what you want in a new office that you currently do not have. Whether it’s the price of rent, the out of date design, the lack of amenities or the current location you can start to plan for your new office around these factors.

What can I afford?

Sit down with your accountant and work out your budget for a new office. This will help determine target areas or buildings when looking for a new space. You don’t have to spend the maximum you can afford but you shouldn’t ever spend more!

How long will I stay here?

When selecting a new office space, you should consult your business growth plan and determine how long you will be staying there. If you plan on growing your business in the near future, it is wise to rent a space that is larger than currently required so that when your business does grow you are not left having to move again. This can be a costly mistake as you will have to pay to fit out your new office again. 

Who will visit our office?

When choosing a location for your office it’s important to consider who and how people will visit your office. Thinking about these questions will help;

  • What type of employee do we want to attract to our company?
  • Where do they live and how do they get to work?
  • Where do our clients work and live?
  • How will they get to our office?
  • Will they need parking close by?


Will Friday knock offs be a thing?

What company culture are you going to instil in the new office? Will staff be looking for coffees to be delivered to the door? Will people be going out for lunch meetings with clients and need to be close to restaurants? Or are Friday knock offs a big part of the company culture at your office?

By answering these questions you should now have a great idea of what to look for in a new office space. If you have any other questions that are left unanswered, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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