Flinders University – Learning Space

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Flinders University – Learning Space

Our client, nationwide builder Built, were carrying out refurbishment works to an existing space in one of the Flinders University buildings at the Sturt Campus in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. The scope of the project was to turn an existing space into a modern digital lecture theatre complete with birch plywood clad wall and ceiling panelling, curved bench seating and both acoustic wall lining and magnetic whiteboard full height wall panelling.

When we first saw the project drawings it looked straightforward, however when we started there were so many individual details that made it quite a complicated project. The birch panels had to have thousands of holes drilled into them, have a group one fire proofing treatment applied and then be seamlessly fixed to both the wall and the ceiling. The curved bench seating had to line up with the ply bulkhead and finish at a precise distance from a handrail which needed setting out long before the joinery would normally be made.

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We worked with the ceiling contractor to set out their ceiling bulkheads and then templated very early on to ensure the angles and positioning of the joinery seating matched the ceiling bulkhead perfectly. Our team worked out a system to fix the ceiling and wall panelling without having any on show fixings and cut in all the angles on site using specialist equipment. The ply panelling was sent to Melbourne for a fireproofing treatment by an accredited fire-shield applicator. 

The team worked tirelessly to get the job over the line on time and the end result was fantastic. The 3mm ceiling joint lines run fluidly from bulkhead to ceiling to wall panelling. From the shadow line on the ceiling to wall junction, to the tens of thousands of perforations on the wall panelling, the curves of the bench seat to the colours of the upholstery – everywhere you look there is a well thought about and brilliantly executed detail. The lecture theatre is now a very impressive modern learning space with bright intriguing finishes. 

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